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1st community dedicated to ヴァルナ ( VALLUNA )
08.13.13(no subject)
Hello everyone!
Im selling Valluna many chekis ! ^^
Hey guys ~

I was wondering if any of you had the lyrics for their 「silent prayer」single ?
I searched through the internet, but couldn't find all of the lyrics nor scans of the booklet.

Since I'm really interested in translating their songs (especially 「Ghost」)
I'd be happy if someone could help me. .

Thank you in advance !
01.01.11(no subject)
Im selling my signed Distopia album!

here (*´∀`*)♪
Hey everyone,

As you all know, Valluna disbanded back in November, however, they have decided to release a best-of album!!


Additionally, yo-ka and Kei are starting up a new project, "DIAURA", and they already have a release planned!

What do you guys think about the news??

09.29.10 - Last Live
Hi! I was wondering if anyone is going to their last live. Or one of the concerts in this period before the last one.

Because i'd have a really big favour to ask about...I've been to their concerts 2 times, but i was so damn idiot that both times i didn't have money and i couldn't buy any goods.

So if anyone is going please tell me!!! I also could pay the items more than the original price. T____T
cool (Aki)
I finally finished translating the comments. {:

to the translation

Hi everyone,

Today, Valluna has posted all the member's comments about disbandment on their OHP, so It'd be awesome if someone could translate!

Additionally, from Yo-ka's blog, the band has decided that they will NOT release "Gothic「A」doll" as originally planned. "Silent Prayer" was the last release from this amazing band :(

I'm still so shocked about their disbanding :(

Sakura's newest entry?
I believe it's about the disbanding and I'm interested to know what he said.

Entry under hereCollapse )

Thank you in advance!

Exciting news!!!

It has just been announced that Valluna will be going to South Korea to perform as an opening act for Rin (凛)!! Along with Oyuugi Wagamama dan×【PaRADEiS】 Interesting pairing huh?

Here's yo-ka's entry about it: http://ameblo.jp/valluna-yo-ka/entry-10633086583.html

They just keep soaring to the top, I'm so happy for them! I can't wait for some more overseas lives!! lol

Hey everyone!
If you haven't seen it yet, Yo-ka posted the album art on his blog!


Isn't it pretty?

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